Kruidvat’s FRESH day cream

Recently I have run out of my usual face cream by Clinique and decided to try out a new cream. This time around I chose to try a store brand cream because I did not have the time to run into the city this week and I do not want to leave my skin to fight the elements.img_1492

I chose Kruidvat’s FRESH day cream that is suitable for people with dry and sensitive skin and is suppose to keep your skin hydrated up to 24 hours. The product has been tested and approved by dermatologists and recommended for people between the ages of 15 to 20 years old.

I found this cream in my local Kruidvat store, and believe you can find it in any of their stores in the Netherlands and on their website.

For now, I will only comment on the visual and scent of the product because I have not used it yet.

The packaging is a standard box, with the same colors as the product itself. The packaging of the product mentions that the cream contains UVA, and UVB filters, to keep those harsh sun rays from causing too much damage, and vitamin E.

As seen in the picture the product has some bright colors and on the inside the cream itself is a light shade of pink that smells like a tropical dessert bar.

I am excited to start using this and will keep you up-to-date.

Now that I have been using the day cream for a week, I believe there is enough to say.

The texture of the cream itself is not to my favorite; it is kind of creamy/jelly like and it when you apply it to your face it feels the same leaving it feeling thick on the skin. However, it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling very soft and no greasy feeling :).

Based on the texture this surprised me, but I have to admit the experience is wonderful and I will continue to use it. My skin no longer feels taut, nor does it have a flaky look anymore. It looks radiant with a healthy glow, even in the cold wind that attacks my face every day. 

✦Please, leave your comments, and I promise to keep the conversation going :)✦


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