Innocent Super Smoothies

In the coming days, I will have exams coming up and it usually leaves me drained. If you are a university student you know how it goes, the weeks leading up to exam weeks are the worst. Not specifically because of the long hours in the library, or the stress of the exam, but our eating habits.

At least that is my case, I realize I am low on energy, and have a cold and do not want to consume any energy drinks. This time I decided to be proactive about it and tried to be as healthy as I could. I have heard about Innocent’s smoothies before but never tried them.

This is where I decided to try the Innocent Super Smoothies, they are made from fruits and vegetables meaning it should increase my vitamin intake aside from my usual meals. I bought all three smoothies, the antioxydant, energise and recharge.

First, I tried the antioxydant throughout the week. When I opened it, I was surprised by the smell of it, because to some extent I was reminded by bananas. It has a very nice taste, and not too sweet. I found it funny because I could not finish, 360 ml, because of the full feeling it left me with. Not to say it replaces a meal but I felt delightfully full.


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