In-shower body lotion

As someone who has dehydrated skin, including KP (Keratosis pilaris) I am always on the lookout for new ways to hydrate my skin. Always trying new products that might help alleviate the itchiness, redness and the dry patches on my arms. As a result, after every shower, I rush to get the baby oil on my legs and applying body lotion. In the morning I tend to be in a hurry, so when I heard about in-shower body lotions, I could not believe it.

Recently, I discovered the in-shower body lotion concept. I looked at various different brands that offer the product and that are available to me in stores, compared price points. I decided to try two namely the Nivea Onder de Douche Bodymilk and Etos house-brand Body Lotion in-shower.

I used both products for two weeks each to tell my experience with both products.  I have compared the products on x different factors

Etos brand only came in one type. While Nivea catered to different consumers, with normal skin, and dry skin. I selected the Nivea  BodyMilk In-shower lotion for dry-skin with Almond oil. 

The Etos house-brand cost 2.99 Euros for 250ml, while Nivea was a little more expensive 5.99 euros for 250ml.

The house-brand to me had no noticeable fragrance, as for Nivea you could smell the Almond oil as I poured some in my hand. However, the aroma was pleasant and not too strong. I was a bit worried that the almond scent would linger as I dried off, but this was not the case.

Texture and Application
Both the products have a nice silky cream. The Nivea one felt a bit heavier which I was expecting as it is for dry skin. The application was easy for both, the Housebrand, was silkier and not as rich as the Nivea one. However, when washed off, the house-brand left my skin feeling soft with no greasy feeling yet hydrated.

For Nivea, I felt greasy as I slathered the lotion on my skin. I rinsed my body several times because of the oily feeling and was unsuccessful removing the feeling on my skin. Despite, the greasy feeling I dried off and was pleasantly surprised, the oily feeling disappeared, and my skin felt soft. 


I loved both and recommend both to my friends, the Etos brand I would recommend for someone who has normal skin, or if you want to use it as a base moisturizer and still use body lotion after the shower. Because without the extra application after my shower, my skin did not look as hydrated as I wanted.  The Nivea brand one I felt comfortable all day and left my skin feeling moisturized.


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