Tea-tree oil

For a long time, I have heard about tea tree oil being used for various things in cosmetics. I have also used some day and night cream containing Tea tree oil to help with my dry skin. This year I decided to try the tea tree oil on my face to help with mild acne I have recently developed.

First time I used it was after I had thoroughly washed my face, I used 4 drops one on my chin, forehead and one on each cheek. Followed by an olive night cream.  My skin is left feeling moisturized but not oily.

After two weeks of using the tea-tree oil continuously, my skin feels less tight, and the appearance of redness due to the mild acne has lessened.  Throughout the day my skin is not oily and feels a bit more hydrated than normal.

If you are looking for a natural method to help fight mild acne, I encourage you to try using tea tree oil.

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Innocent Super Smoothies

In the coming days, I will have exams coming up and it usually leaves me drained. If you are a university student you know how it goes, the weeks leading up to exam weeks are the worst. Not specifically because of the long hours in the library, or the stress of the exam, but our eating habits.

At least that is my case, I realize I am low on energy, and have a cold and do not want to consume any energy drinks. This time I decided to be proactive about it and tried to be as healthy as I could. I have heard about Innocent’s smoothies before but never tried them.

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